New Landscape Installation

New Landscaping

Building a new addition, outbuilding, house or commercial structure? Rely on Carlson's Landscaping to make your new construction look finished and inviting with the proper landscape and hardscape. 

Landscape Renovation

Is your landscaping old or run down? We can update your landscape to fit your budget. Make your home or business look like new by removing old vegetation and replacing it with fresh ground cover, perennials, mulch, shrubs and trees.

Privacy Fences

Are you tired of your neighbors being able to see every move you make?  We can help by installing  living privacy screens or fences.  

Landscape Maintenance

Shrub Maintenance

- Mulchr the following shrub maintenance,

- Pruning

- Disease Control

- Mulce

- Fertilization & Soil Amendments

Ground Cover Maintenance or Replacement

Are your beds around your house or business looking run down? We can make them look brand new by either removing weeds and other debris or installing new ground cover.We offer the following ground cover installation.

-Mulch and Cedar chips


-Brick chips,Lava Rock and River Rock 

-Don't see what you want? Give us a call we would be happy to assist you!